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Seen in Solitude: Robert Kipniss Prints from the James F. White Collection

This hardcover book is the catalogue of the eighty-six prints in Kipniss's one-artist show that reopened the museum six months after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Included is a scholarly essay by curator Dan Piersol, and a several pages of excerpts from an interview with Kipniss. In that show there were also thirty five paintings, but the catalogue was completed before the hurricane and the decision to add the paintings was made later, when the show was chosen to lead off the museum's revival. Nervous about the turnout, the director, E. John Bullard was cautious as the opening approached. He needn't have worried: There were six thousand five hundred visitors in attendance that first weekend.

This book can also be ordered by calling the museum's gift shop manager:
Patricia Trautman