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Robert Kipniss: Intaglios 1982-2004

This book is a catalogue raisonne, illustrating and annotating all of Kipniss's mezzotints and drypoints from 1982 through 2004. the photos are rich and accurate depictions of the work, with a listing, after the plates, of which museums own which of the prints. Much of the scholarship was done by Trudie Grace, author, historian and curator, who also wrote an essay for this book, as did Thomas Piche, himself also a historian and a curator. This handsome book won the bronze medal for artbook of the year, awarded by Foreward Magazine.

Additionally, there is a biography after the plate section, where there are reproduced most of the few personal photos that were taken during the artist's early professional years.

This book can be ordered from Hudson Hills Press in Manchester, Vermont.
Telephone: 802-362-6458

Kipniss and his printer, Anthony Kirk